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DVT - now what?
Started by charliegirl99
Posted: September 10, 2017 at 17:39
I was told by the ER a week ago I had small blood clots in my left leg. they gave me a Xeralto RX to get filled and told me to follow up with my Dr. My insurance wouldn't pay for that drug so my dr put me on Warfarin instead. My insurance was canceled and im trying to get it back now but in the mean time im a little concerned.
There is a lot of swelling in my leg and an area that is very hard like there is a lump inside it was very painful to even have my clothes or blanket touch it ( a little better now) it gets red at times and I swear in the morning it sometimes looks like a large bruise that then clears up later in the day.
My husband and mom want me to go back to the ER to get it looked at but I don't want to go back there. all my Dr tells me to do is stretch my leg and maybe put heat on the area that is sore .. but I can not do that at all. I can not lift my left leg above my right ankle cause its swollen so much... and heat makes it hurt more.

I read about that PTS and am wondering if maybe I have that. All I know is that im very uncomfortable and irritated I can not longer do the things im used to doing.. just getting dressed is now a chore cause I can not lift my leg up much to put pants on.

Does anyone have any advice? as of today I feel as though I have a little easier time with walking and general movement but by the end of each night at work im swollen again
Re: DVT - now what?
Reply #1 by chris
Posted: September 10, 2017 at 19:29
Don't stop meds. Whatever you do...
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