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Started by Albertha de Sousa
Posted: September 12, 2017 at 06:54
I have had a Iliofemoral DVT that was misdiagnosed whilst I was
pregnant and post C-Section it had spread down my leg all the way
to my calve. this was 2 years ago. I had bad PTS symptoms last
year and had stents placed in my Ileac and another vein in my
pelvis in Feb this year. I have been wearing a class 2 compression
stocking for the last 2 years. In Dec last year I started noticing
a red area at the back of my heel towards the bottom of my foot.
Two doctors told me that it was from wearing my compression
stockings 24/7. I got new compression stockings at the beginning
of this year and since having them a new red area has developed
further up on the back of my heel. Both these areas feel very
tender. If I don't wear my stocking the redness and tenderness
gets better over a two week period but I get other pains and
cramps in my leg. I have also tried to wear a class 1 stocking but
with having a 2 year old I am on my feet a lot so the class 2
stocking is the best but in various brands I have tried it just
makes the the 2 tender areas on my heel worse. It seems that what
is happening is that upon standing these two areas become more red
and sensitive and then the pressure from the compression stocking
makes it worse. Has anyone had this problem and do you have any
suggestions for me?
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