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Removing/Stripping G.Saphenous Vein
Started by Jackie
Posted: October 7, 2008 at 19:03
Hi all,
I was just wondering who has had thaie greater saphenous vein stripped or removed? What were your symptoms before having the proceedure? did they improve after? how long was your recovery? what was surgery like?

I just saw a vascular surgeon, and he's told me he can do that proceedure, but can't guarantee that it will help me. I have grade 4 reflux in all areas of my greater saphenous vein, and it's causing reflux in my deep veins as well. I had read in a few medical journals (recent ones - published in the past 3 years) that removing the Greater Saphenous can help reduce deep vein reflux.

My leg has a swelling that is a good 2 inches larger than my 'good' leg (although the surgeon didn't take notice of it), and I get burning and shooting pains down my bad calf, and I'm hoping to hear from someone who has had this done, and if you found it helped or not.

Part of the reason I am hesitating, is because I already have nerve damage in the area of the leg (crush injury) that would likely get an incision, and I know nerve damage is a risk with this proceedure. How large are the incisions in a surgery like this? I know that there is typically 1 in the groin, and 1 in the knee/upper calf.

I don't know if it's worth the risk of making the nerve damage worse, without a gurantee of less pain.

Guess I need to keep working on finding a crystal ball that would let me see the outcome.

I go and see my GP tomorrow to get his opinion, but if anyone has been through this one and has any info, that would be a huge help!

Re: Removing/Stripping G.Saphenous Vein
Reply #1 by Char
Posted: October 8, 2008 at 13:07
I recently have had the greater saphenous veins closed with Laser, went to a Vein Center in my City. Have had no swelling but incompetent sore veins before Laser. It has only been one plus month, but no problems. Your nerve damage is another issue and I do not know how that plays out or if it would be a problem with Laser.

Re: Removing/Stripping G.Saphenous Vein
Reply #2 by Jackie
Posted: October 9, 2008 at 22:21
Hi Char, thanks for the response.
I asked the surgeron about laser or injection ablation, but he said the damage was too much - the vein would have to be surgically removed completly.

I spoke with my GP yesterday, and I think I'm leaning towards getting the surgery done - if there's a chance that some of the pain can be reduced (especially after being guaranteed that it will get worse with age and pregnancy), then it might be worth it to treat the symptoms that i have right now (being the constant swelling and pain), rather than risk other symptoms getting worse.

Who konws? maybe with the excess swelling reduced and the vein removed, it might take some of the pressure off the areas with nerve damage, and that pain could lessen as well.

Has any one else had their Saphenous vein removed surgically?

Thanks again!!
Re: Removing/Stripping G.Saphenous Vein
Reply #3 by Char
Posted: October 10, 2008 at 11:23

I would get another opinion, I had small Greater saphenous veins, and therefore the laser was the treatment of choice. This was done in a Vein Clinic Center; the only complaint I have is the poor fitting of my thigh high support hose. The measurement was incorrect and I developed a toe pressure sore and swelling above the band on one leg. Now I wear open toe knee-highs and the thigh high problems are gone.

Never Give Up

Re: Removing/Stripping G.Saphenous Vein
Reply #4 by Jackie
Posted: March 10, 2009 at 18:42
Hi Everyone, I'm back!

I've been off the boards for a while, and thought I'd pop back on and see how things are going!

Well, here's a bit of an update:
I'm on the list for surgery. I thought about it for a few months, and got opinions from the 4 medical professional's I've seen thoughout the past 2 years since my accident, and all seem to say the same thing. All say that laser treatment isn't possible, and that the surgical stripping of the veins is the best choice.

They say it's not going to help the post-thrombotic syndrom (I couldn't wear support hose for about a year after my DVT was discovered), but that it should at least help some of the pain in my leg.

Things have been going really well, i was able to get back to the gym and back to mostly a normal life. I still can't run, ski, or ride horses, and i don't know if i will again - anything with impact is just too painful.

I went for a long walk over the weekend, but have been paying the price for it the past few days - seems every step i take now is painful, and i've got a deep pain that almost feels like a strained muscle in my calf, but it's far too nice to have to stay in!

I wear the thigh-high open toe compression hose when I can now, and find it keeps the discolouration in my leg from getting any worse, so fingers crossed it's helping!

Take care all!
Re: Removing/Stripping G.Saphenous Vein
Reply #5 by summer
Posted: January 13, 2012 at 14:27
Hello, I was reading your story because i had this done and im in some serious pain. I have lost feeling in my foot and my calf. Pains in my leg like no tommrow. Im still healing and have not seen my Dr yet after the surgery. So im hoping this will all change in the next few months. I am a acctive woman and would hate for this to slow me down. My surgery went good, and the cuts are so tiny its great. But the healing is a long process i must say. Its been only a week today for me. So im hoping for a good out come. Good luck to you.. Summer
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